I want to talk about feelings real quick. Feelings are what make moments so sweet. Feelings are what make memories a place we love to visit over and over again.

Feelings are what make us human.

Personally, I am a very emotional person. I have a loud laugh. I scream when I see a pretty sunset or the moon. I cry when I see someone else cry on TV. I just love to feel things.

But lately, I have been told a lot that I am overreacting, exaggerating or that my laugh is too loud. And in that moment I start to question myself. I start to feel ashamed.

But I realized something…I am alive. I am breathing. I am FEELING. And what’s there to be ashamed about?

I used to be empty. The only thing I felt was sadness and darkness, consuming me completely. I felt that way because I had so much pain and anger inside of me, and I didn’t even realize it. So all this bad and negative stuff was piling up without any release, and it was eating me up.

When I finally allowed myself to feel again, when I started talking about what was bothering me; I was overwhelmed. I was so overwhelmed with all this anger and pain that I didn’t know what to do with myself. I couldn’t leave my room. I couldn’t leave the house.

But then a weight lifted from my shoulders, and I started to work through all this negative energy. One by one, I ticked off another bad thing that happened in the past from my list. I cried, I screamed, I punched my pillow. But I was letting go.

I had no idea. All these years I was clueless.

My heart was screaming at me all this time to just let it go free.

It is important to feel. And it is important to give your feelings a space and a voice. It may be scary to allow yourself to finally admit to some things that are heavy on your chest. You may not even realize that there is anything negative in your heart at all. But once you let them go, you will realize what it’s like to fully breathe again.

Take those painful feelings and memories and experiences, and work through them. Cry. Scream. Get angry.

And then you need to say goodbye to them.

It is no longer something you need to hold onto.

Take the good and happy memories. And live through them again. And then you put them in a safe spot, and continue making new ones.

What I’m trying to say…Just feel. Don’t keep your feelings bottled up. If something is bothering you, talk about it. If you’re sad, talk about it. If you’re angry, talk about it.

Don’t bury it all inside your walls. Because, eventually, it will pile up and when there’s too much negative stuff, you will burst.

Feel with all you’ve got. Don’t be ashamed to cry. If someone tells you your laugh is too loud, laugh louder. Because, dammit, you are alive, and you are here to feel!

So laugh, cry, dance, scream. Go out into the world and feel, and when you’re done feeling one thing, go and feel another.

Just let it out.

xoxo Josi

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